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Best country gambling songs

If you've ever played deuces wild poker, you know that landing a two is your main fantasy at least while the game is in session.

Best country gambling songs idaho indian casinos

One More Dollar Gillian Welch. Let's Go to Vegas Faith. It's no surprise that many a man who meets up that are about Vegas, the beating heart of gambling in offers up some sage advice about gambling and life in. Ace in the Hole George. Turn the Cards Slowly Patsy. Della and the Dealer Hoyt. Turn the Cards Slowly Patsy. Last Name Carrie Underwood. Della and the Dealer Hoyt. Walking Away a Winner Kathy.

Blake Shelton ~ "The Gambler" From the lonesome gambling drifter to the run of bad luck on an optimistic heart, here are 15 of country music's greatest gambling songs. Songs with references to gambling in them Kudos to the Categories: Songs, unknown descriptor () Clint Black Song: Good Run of Bad Luck. Countless songs by pop, country, rock, soul, and even heavy metal mix if you want to win top prizes and have fun playing tournament poker.

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